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Do you need help with using smartSXM.com? Here are some information for you


How do I post my ad?

It is very simple! Find "Post your ad for free" button on top of the page. Click on it and you will see list of categories. After you choose one of them you will need to fill out a very simple form. Remember that the more description you put, the more feedback you can get. Don't forget to upload some pictures to attract attension from visitors.

After previewing your ad - approve it by clicking "send" button. It is not going to be online yet as it needs to be veryfied by moderator. When it is approved you will receive e-mail confirmation with all neccesary links and details.
In case of denial you will be informed as well. We will tell you the reason why it was not approved so you can fix it and place it again.


For how long my ad will be online?

It will be online for 90 days from the time of approval.
After ad is expired or after you cancel it your ad will disappear from the list.  It will be archived for another 30 days. 


Can I change or remove my ad?

Yes. After your ad is online you will receive e-mail with links to edit it or to cancel.


Is it really for free?

Yes! Placing classifieds is absolutely for free. There is no limit how many classifieds you can put (you just cannot place duplicated content).

How can I create my profile?

This option will be active very soon. You will be able to create new account and manage your profile and classifieds.